Support Bangalore’s Repair Cafe!

I’ve been reading about repair cafes for a while now, longingly wishing there was one in my neck of the woods. This one in Holland that Al Jazeera’s Earthrise featured a couple of years ago is the first one I heard about:

For those who are not familiar with this concept: when something breaks, you learn how to fix it rather than toss it. This is what Indians had been doing until America introduced its wasteful practise of planned obsolescence. The Story of Stuff has a great video about this problem, especially with respect to electronics:

The exciting news is that now it seems the concept is gaining a foothold in Bangalore. There was an event last year, and now there is a Ketto crowd-funding campaign to make it a full-fledged start-up. You can find more details about it on their website or their Facebook page. Please donate generously to this campaign! We need this in Bangalore!


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