A Bah Humbug Post (or ideas for a green Christmas)

Warning: this post will likely sound a bit like Scrouge to many readers. Last night I walked down to the main street in my neighbourhood and I noticed lots of shopkeepers had Christmas wares for sale: plastic Christmas trees, polyester Santa hats, and lots of unnecessary, plastic junk. I get why Christians want to carry … More A Bah Humbug Post (or ideas for a green Christmas)

Posts & parcels

  There seems to be quite a catch-22 for those of us who want to reduce our waste. Many of the types of products we would like to switch to because they are produced with biodegradable materials or because they are just hard to find where we live. In India there are a number of … More Posts & parcels

Funeral waste

The past month or so I’ve been away from school as I had to attend my mother-in-law’s funeral. In a Hindu family, or more specifically in an Iyer family, there are a number of rituals and a great deal of waste that one has to contend with. Unfortunately, I wasn’t 100% on the ball and … More Funeral waste