Last month I attended Teri’s World Sustainable Development Summit. It was on the heels of having just finished a terrific new book – Josh Tickell’s Kiss the Ground (it’s connected to the organisation and its brilliant videos). At one point in the book he says (or someone he quotes?) something about how the world sustainability isn’t … More Sustainablity

Aamir Khan on waste

Hindi film actor Aamir Khan has had a talkshow on television for the past few years that examines social issues in India. It’s called Satyamev Jayate and one of the episodes – “Don’t Waste your Garbage” – from a few years back focused on the garbage situation in India. You can watch it below with … More Aamir Khan on waste

Kiss the Ground

One of the most inspiring organisations I’ve come across in a long while is Kiss the Ground, based in my hometown of Los Angeles. They are creating fantastic short films about the wonders and necessity of composting that are terrific for raising awareness. What I love is the clarity and specificity of their arguments – … More Kiss the Ground

Zero Waste October

It seems it is Zero Waste October – and I just found out about it. Here is a website with plenty of challenges for your school, business, or city if you want to try to push people to reduce their waste and consumption. Also, here is a great story from Fast Company about a fantastic new … More Zero Waste October

Trash n’ Travel

Last December my family and I took a road trip across the state. We started in Mysore and stayed at The Green Hotel – which is just lovely. It has a wonderful ambiance, good food, and they even compost (although if you look at the photographs below you’ll see it’s not without its problems, including … More Trash n’ Travel