Coconut Challenge

There is one aspect of the waste stream – that really shouldn’t be considered waste at all – that isn’t accounted for in Bengaluru. It’s the coconut shell. Coconuts are a daily part of life here – whether it’s stopping for a drink of tender coconut or grating coconut for your dry subji. It may … More Coconut Challenge


SUPPORT THE STRUGGLE OF CONTRACT POWRAKARMIKAS DEMANDING IMMEDIATE PAYMENT OF MINIMUM WAGES , WEEKLY OFF AND FESTIVAL/NATIONAL HOLIDAY LEAVE AND REGULARISATION On 8th March, International Working Women’s Day, the BBMP Contract Powrakarmikas Union of Bengaluru are going on a strike and will hold a large rally to intensify their ongoing struggle  for a life with dignity. They … More STRIKE! INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY MARCH 8th, 10am, BBMP HEAD OFFICE

Not in my Backyard

I just finished reading the new book Not in my Backyard and viewing the short accompanying documentary of the same title. Both are put out by the Centre for Science and Environment, publishers of Down to Earth magazine. This is such important work–to do a survey of solid waste management across the country and to share the … More Not in my Backyard

Turning green

I’ve always been environmentally inclined, but like many people my ideas haven’t always matched my actions. This blog will chronicle my attempt to not just recycle and buy locally, but to reduce what I consume as much as possible. In the past year I’ve had the wonderful experience of working with Wasteless, based in Auroville. … More Turning green