Not in my Backyard

I just finished reading the new book Not in my Backyard and viewing the short accompanying documentary of the same title. Both are put out by the Centre for Science and Environment, publishers of Down to Earth magazine. This is such important work–to do a survey of solid waste management across the country and to share the … More Not in my Backyard

Consumption week

This week has had a bit of a theme in various incarnations: consumption. It began on Saturday when I showed my Garbology students The Story of Stuff. It’s a hard movie to share with nine-year-olds because there are so many big words like “planned obsolescence”, but if you pause and explain at all the right moments … More Consumption week

“It’s about learning not to buy so much stuff”.

So said a young boy in the 7th standard class who finished up Devika akka’s upcycling workshop today. I’m so happy that he–and actually many others in this class–realised that the point isn’t about upcycling and making things out of trash. The point is to get a sense of what we throw away and what … More “It’s about learning not to buy so much stuff”.


I’ve been meaning to write a post about shoes for a while now. As someone who is slowly (too slowly, I’ll admit) trying to become vegan, what my shoes are made of is something that increasingly matters to me. I do have a couple of pairs of leather chappals, both of which I continue to … More Chappals

Plastic Free July!

I just learned about this wonderful initiative from a blogger in Australia: Plastic Free July! You can learn how to participate and sign up on the link above. If you’re a part of an organisation or a school it would be great to sign up as a group, too. Since I’m at a boarding school … More Plastic Free July!

Back to School

School began this week and I had my first Garbology 101 class with my 4th standard students yesterday. I realise that it is going to be quite a bit different than it was last year. In a lot of ways this is going to be a better test of whether this curriculum works. Last year … More Back to School