SUPPORT THE STRUGGLE OF CONTRACT POWRAKARMIKAS DEMANDING IMMEDIATE PAYMENT OF MINIMUM WAGES , WEEKLY OFF AND FESTIVAL/NATIONAL HOLIDAY LEAVE AND REGULARISATION On 8th March, International Working Women’s Day, the BBMP Contract Powrakarmikas Union of Bengaluru are going on a strike and will hold a large rally to intensify their ongoing struggle  for a life with dignity. They … More STRIKE! INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY MARCH 8th, 10am, BBMP HEAD OFFICE


Last week my husband and I went to Hyderabad for a few days. He had a conference to attend so we got to stay in a swanky hotel. While he was at meetings, I got to see the city. We were staying in the Cyberabad area and most of my sight-seeing was in the older … More Hyderabad


Probably the most difficult aspect of waste that I’ve encountered is e-waste. At home I’ve been collecting e-waste for 2 years (fortunately it’s very little: mostly batteries and CFL light bulbs) largely because I didn’t know how to dispose of it properly. The same thing is true at school where I’ve been collecting for myself … More e-waste

Waste Land

Yesterday I saw the mesmerising documentary, Waste Land, which features Brazilian artist Vic Muniz. It follows his journey to the landfill, Jardim Gramacho, located on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, where he begins a project photographing those who scavenge through the rubbish for recyclable goods. Those photographs get enlarged into pieces of art that … More Waste Land


As I was walking home from the market yesterday, I noticed the waste from one of the neighbourhood tailors. It was so distressing to see a pile of beautiful fabric scraps just thrown into a pile of mixed waste (and a rat running through to scavenge from the rotting food). There is so much that … More Kabadiwallas

Trash culture

The last few weeks I’ve been sharing aspects of trash culture with my students. I began with a song my father used to love to sing to me when I was quite young. It is Oscar the Grouch’s song “I Love Trash” from Sesame Street: Then I shared another favourite song of mine by Pete Seeger … More Trash culture