Deepavali consumption

It’s Deepavali again and once again debates are raging about whether or not one should burst crackers. The first I heard about this was at a school assembly a few years ago. One senior student focused her presentation on the problem of child labour in factories that make fireworks. But there are other arguments circulating … More Deepavali consumption

Not in my Backyard

I just finished reading the new book Not in my Backyard and viewing the short accompanying documentary of the same title. Both are put out by the Centre for Science and Environment, publishers of Down to Earth magazine. This is such important work–to do a survey of solid waste management across the country and to share the … More Not in my Backyard

Back to School

School began this week and I had my first Garbology 101 class with my 4th standard students yesterday. I realise that it is going to be quite a bit different than it was last year. In a lot of ways this is going to be a better test of whether this curriculum works. Last year … More Back to School

Campus waste

The holidays have begun and I’m now home in Bangalore. But before leaving campus, I photographed the waste left behind by the girls in my hostel. The first photograph below is of last year’s end-of-year waste. The second one is from last week. The second photograph also includes 2 cement sacks of waste from my … More Campus waste

Turning green

I’ve always been environmentally inclined, but like many people my ideas haven’t always matched my actions. This blog will chronicle my attempt to not just recycle and buy locally, but to reduce what I consume as much as possible. In the past year I’ve had the wonderful experience of working with Wasteless, based in Auroville. … More Turning green