Trash n’ Travel

Last December my family and I took a road trip across the state. We started in Mysore and stayed at The Green Hotel – which is just lovely. It has a wonderful ambiance, good food, and they even compost (although if you look at the photographs below you’ll see it’s not without its problems, including … More Trash n’ Travel

Fun with composting

This week my Garbology 101 class went to our school’s estate to learn about composting. The estate’s director, Santosh, who I’ve learned so much from about farming (he runs an indigenous seed bank), indigenous cows (we have a sperm bank to help promote local species), and composting. Yesterday, he shared his wealth of knowledge with … More Fun with composting

Creative Composters

  One of my favourite Garbology lessons is this one. It asks you to take the children outdoors, to explore under rocks, rotting logs, piles of decomposing leaves. The objective? Learn how nature naturally recycles and see why it’s so crucial for us humans to work with and not against nature by recycling too. It’s … More Creative Composters


Probably the most difficult aspect of waste that I’ve encountered is e-waste. At home I’ve been collecting e-waste for 2 years (fortunately it’s very little: mostly batteries and CFL light bulbs) largely because I didn’t know how to dispose of it properly. The same thing is true at school where I’ve been collecting for myself … More e-waste

What’s Organic?

The past couple of weeks we’ve been learning about the difference between inorganic and organic in my garbology 101 class. I’ve been using different activities to help the children understand what organic means. First I read to them from Trupti Godbole, Govind Mukundan, and Poonam Bir Kasturi’s children’s book The Magic Gamla Pot. It’s a terrific tool … More What’s Organic?


One of the most important things you can do to dramatically cut down on your contribution to your surrounding environment is to compost. I only began composting last year and I’ve managed to do it at home (Bangalore) and at school (Rishi Valley)–both an urban and a rural setting. At home, we have a khumba … More Composting

Turning green

I’ve always been environmentally inclined, but like many people my ideas haven’t always matched my actions. This blog will chronicle my attempt to not just recycle and buy locally, but to reduce what I consume as much as possible. In the past year I’ve had the wonderful experience of working with Wasteless, based in Auroville. … More Turning green