A Bah Humbug Post (or ideas for a green Christmas)

Warning: this post will likely sound a bit like Scrouge to many readers. Last night I walked down to the main street in my neighbourhood and I noticed lots of shopkeepers had Christmas wares for sale: plastic Christmas trees, polyester Santa hats, and lots of unnecessary, plastic junk. I get why Christians want to carry … More A Bah Humbug Post (or ideas for a green Christmas)

EcoFemme Workshop

The reason for my trip to Auroville last week was to attend a workshop at EcoFemme. The first day of the workshop was held at Pitchandikulam Forest, a gorgeous space in Auroville that does many things, including maintaining a garden full of medicinal plants and educating people about their uses. This was one of the … More EcoFemme Workshop

“It’s about learning not to buy so much stuff”.

So said a young boy in the 7th standard class who finished up Devika akka’s upcycling workshop today. I’m so happy that he–and actually many others in this class–realised that the point isn’t about upcycling and making things out of trash. The point is to get a sense of what we throw away and what … More “It’s about learning not to buy so much stuff”.

Plastic Free July!

I just learned about this wonderful initiative from a blogger in Australia: Plastic Free July! You can learn how to participate and sign up on the link above. If you’re a part of an organisation or a school it would be great to sign up as a group, too. Since I’m at a boarding school … More Plastic Free July!


I’ve been quite enamoured with the company TerraCycle since I learned about them sometime in the last year in the National Geographic article where they explained how they’re making park benches out of disposed cigarette butts. After seeing the Al Jazeera Earthrise episode focusing on them, I wanted to know more about how they operate. I … More TerraCycle

Campus waste

The holidays have begun and I’m now home in Bangalore. But before leaving campus, I photographed the waste left behind by the girls in my hostel. The first photograph below is of last year’s end-of-year waste. The second one is from last week. The second photograph also includes 2 cement sacks of waste from my … More Campus waste