Here in India – where tea is grown aplenty all around us – it’s astonishingly difficult to find high quality, loose leaf tea, whether you’re at organic markets or supermarkets. There are all sorts of organic teas, but they are usually sold in tea bags many of which are actually made at least partially of plastic so they don’t compost. A friend recommended Teabox.com to me so I decided to try their teas. I have seen their products at eco-friendly shops so I thought that perhaps they would have environmentally-friendly packaging. Boy was I wrong!

Above is a photograph of their packaging. First of all, they use bubblewrap, which is totally superfluous. Second, they added 2 empty bags with no tea inside. And, finally, the tea that I did order came in packaging that is made of plastic and foil so it’s not recyclable. Needless to say I won’t be ordering from them again, but I would like to find a source without having to go all the way to Coorg or Ooty to get my supply of tea and coffee.

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