Here in India – where tea is grown aplenty all around us – it’s astonishingly difficult to find high quality, loose leaf tea, whether you’re at organic markets or supermarkets. There are all sorts of organic teas, but they are usually sold in tea bags many of which are actually made at least partially of … More Teabox

Sports Day Waste

Athletics can produce a lot of excess waste. From the bandages required to patch up the little bruises and scrapes to disposable cameras to capture favourite moments to the socks young children discard in lieu of washing them to the Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) that seems to be handed out as “juice” at times and … More Sports Day Waste

Parle G Packaging

At the end of last year, my then 4th standard Garbology students wrote to Parle G to request they rethink their packaging for their biscuits and candies. You can see a sampling of the letters here. They never received a reply, so at the end of the summer holiday I wrote to ParleG on its … More Parle G Packaging

An appeal to Parle

Some time in the last couple weeks of class, I read a couple of short stories from the Garbology curriculum to the students. One is called “Jala, The Plastic-Eating Sea Turtle” and the other is “A Place Called Away”. Although the thought had crossed my mind, I hadn’t planned on asking the students to write … More An appeal to Parle

Lessons learned

I’ve only got one week left of school and one more Garbology class with my 4th standard students. But judging by the way things have been going, I think this curriculum has made a mark on them. While I was out of town for a few weeks because of a death in the family, the … More Lessons learned