There is a little oasis of sustainability, not far from Chennai, amidst rural Tamil Nadu, called Auroville. It is a place with thriving organic farms and lots of small businesses centred upon the environment in some way. This is where I first encountered the enterprising WasteLess people who created the Garbology 101 curriculum. It’s also where … More Auroville

Sports Day Waste

Athletics can produce a lot of excess waste. From the bandages required to patch up the little bruises and scrapes to disposable cameras to capture favourite moments to the socks young children discard in lieu of washing them to the Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) that seems to be handed out as “juice” at times and … More Sports Day Waste


As I was walking home from the market yesterday, I noticed the waste from one of the neighbourhood tailors. It was so distressing to see a pile of beautiful fabric scraps just thrown into a pile of mixed waste (and a rat running through to scavenge from the rotting food). There is so much that … More Kabadiwallas

On Changing Behaviour

One of the biggest challenges, I’ve found, with trying the culture of how people handle waste has been in changing people’s behaviour. It seems like a simple thing to say, but it’s still hard to realise nevertheless. The TEDx Delhi presentation from Ribhu Vohra of Wasteless that I posted in the first post below carries … More On Changing Behaviour