Where Is This Magical Place Where All Of Our Sanitary Waste Goes? | #ThePadEffect

Editor’s note: Approx 125kg of sanitary waste is generated per person during their menstruating years and these sanitary napkins can take 500-800 years to break down! #ThePadEffect is a campaign to advocate for sustainable menstruation and prevent thousands of tons of sanitary waste.   Posted by Marcy Newman (originally published on the Feminism in India site) Of all … More Where Is This Magical Place Where All Of Our Sanitary Waste Goes? | #ThePadEffect

Delhi Trash

Last month I took my first trip to Delhi. I must say, I was surprised by the level of trash (compared to Bengaluru) on the streets. I also liked the tricycle carts used for carrying both recyclables and mixed waste to their destination. There were lots of bins around town, though all that I saw had … More Delhi Trash

Greenwashing plastic

A student’s parent shared the greenwashed images below with me a few days ago. They come from a northern edition of The Hindu (I’m not sure if it came in the version sold down south where I live). He says it was the front page, front cover of the newspaper. It’s an ad for BASF claiming … More Greenwashing plastic

Sports Day Waste

Athletics can produce a lot of excess waste. From the bandages required to patch up the little bruises and scrapes to disposable cameras to capture favourite moments to the socks young children discard in lieu of washing them to the Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) that seems to be handed out as “juice” at times and … More Sports Day Waste


I’ve been meaning to write a post about shoes for a while now. As someone who is slowly (too slowly, I’ll admit) trying to become vegan, what my shoes are made of is something that increasingly matters to me. I do have a couple of pairs of leather chappals, both of which I continue to … More Chappals


I don’t know why it hadn’t occurred to me to consider condoms and the plastic they contain. Yesterday when I went to Lauren Singer’s blog, “Trash is for Tossers”, I came upon  a recent post of hers about the dangers that plastic plays in condoms. It turns out there are carcinogenic nitrosamines in condoms, which (if … More Condoms