Plastic Ice Cream

Okay, it’s not really plastic ice cream. But what I want to share is about a Bangalore establishment – everyone’s favourite place for ice cream sundaes. It’s Corner House Ice Cream and it’s a place that’s packed on a warm summer day. And when three of my favourite people invited me for dessert there, I … More Plastic Ice Cream

Where Is This Magical Place Where All Of Our Sanitary Waste Goes? | #ThePadEffect

Editor’s note: Approx 125kg of sanitary waste is generated per person during their menstruating years and these sanitary napkins can take 500-800 years to break down! #ThePadEffect is a campaign to advocate for sustainable menstruation and prevent thousands of tons of sanitary waste.   Posted by Marcy Newman (originally published on the Feminism in India site) Of all … More Where Is This Magical Place Where All Of Our Sanitary Waste Goes? | #ThePadEffect

Delhi Trash

Last month I took my first trip to Delhi. I must say, I was surprised by the level of trash (compared to Bengaluru) on the streets. I also liked the tricycle carts used for carrying both recyclables and mixed waste to their destination. There were lots of bins around town, though all that I saw had … More Delhi Trash

Greenwashing plastic

A student’s parent shared the greenwashed images below with me a few days ago. They come from a northern edition of The Hindu (I’m not sure if it came in the version sold down south where I live). He says it was the front page, front cover of the newspaper. It’s an ad for BASF claiming … More Greenwashing plastic