ATREE’s Workshop on Bulk Waste Generators

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a workshop hosted and organised by ATREE. It centred around a report they recently completed about the status of decentralised solid waste management policy innovation in Bengaluru, with a special focus on residential bulk generators. I had hoped that they would be highlighting at least one case … More ATREE’s Workshop on Bulk Waste Generators


Probably the most difficult aspect of waste that I’ve encountered is e-waste. At home I’ve been collecting e-waste for 2 years (fortunately it’s very little: mostly batteries and CFL light bulbs) largely because I didn’t know how to dispose of it properly. The same thing is true at school where I’ve been collecting for myself … More e-waste

The Beautiful Indian

Ever since I first heard about the Ugly Indian I’ve wanted to join in their activities cleaning up Bengaluru. The problem is that I’ve always been away at school when they’ve had spotfixes in my neighbourhood. But finally, today, I got to clean up a patch of my neighbourhood and meet the inspiring people behind … More The Beautiful Indian