India’s first upcycled store

Rimagined just opened in Bangalore and it’s beautiful. Everything they sell has been made from upcycled goods. They have lots of lovely gift items. They also have a website for people to order from if they are outside of Bengaluru. Here are some photographs of the shop in Whitefield. Do check it out!   Advertisements

A Bah Humbug Post (or ideas for a green Christmas)

Warning: this post will likely sound a bit like Scrouge to many readers. Last night I walked down to the main street in my neighbourhood and I noticed lots of shopkeepers had Christmas wares for sale: plastic Christmas trees, polyester Santa hats, and lots of unnecessary, plastic junk. I get why Christians want to carry … More A Bah Humbug Post (or ideas for a green Christmas)


There is a little oasis of sustainability, not far from Chennai, amidst rural Tamil Nadu, called Auroville. It is a place with thriving organic farms and lots of small businesses centred upon the environment in some way. This is where I first encountered the enterprising WasteLess people who created the Garbology 101 curriculum. It’s also where … More Auroville

“It’s about learning not to buy so much stuff”.

So said a young boy in the 7th standard class who finished up Devika akka’s upcycling workshop today. I’m so happy that he–and actually many others in this class–realised that the point isn’t about upcycling and making things out of trash. The point is to get a sense of what we throw away and what … More “It’s about learning not to buy so much stuff”.


I’ve been meaning to write a post about shoes for a while now. As someone who is slowly (too slowly, I’ll admit) trying to become vegan, what my shoes are made of is something that increasingly matters to me. I do have a couple of pairs of leather chappals, both of which I continue to … More Chappals

Plastic Pause

Yesterday a couple of senior girls came to my house. They wanted to have an earnest conversation about what they could do to minimise the flow of plastic–and especially mutli-layered foil packaging. I showed them a few ideas on Pinterest, of things they could make with the wrappers, but the truth is most of these … More Plastic Pause

Toys from Trash

Last weekend the 8th standard girls in my hostel were running around screaming as they were searching for bits and pieces of trash that they could use for their science project. Their teacher gave them an assignment in which they had to make a catapult, a ladder or a bridge, a war tank, or a … More Toys from Trash