Delhi Trash

Last month I took my first trip to Delhi. I must say, I was surprised by the level of trash (compared to Bengaluru) on the streets. I also liked the tricycle carts used for carrying both recyclables and mixed waste to their destination. There were lots of bins around town, though all that I saw had … More Delhi Trash


There is a little oasis of sustainability, not far from Chennai, amidst rural Tamil Nadu, called Auroville. It is a place with thriving organic farms and lots of small businesses centred upon the environment in some way. This is where I first encountered the enterprising WasteLess people who created the Garbology 101 curriculum. It’s also where … More Auroville

Plastic Pause

Yesterday a couple of senior girls came to my house. They wanted to have an earnest conversation about what they could do to minimise the flow of plastic–and especially mutli-layered foil packaging. I showed them a few ideas on Pinterest, of things they could make with the wrappers, but the truth is most of these … More Plastic Pause

Reading trash

Before I moved to India, I had to get rid of a lot of my books. It just cost too much to ship them. But there were also some books I wanted to read in the coming months. Although I had never imagined I’d be one of those people with a Kindle or a Nook, … More Reading trash


As I was walking home from the market yesterday, I noticed the waste from one of the neighbourhood tailors. It was so distressing to see a pile of beautiful fabric scraps just thrown into a pile of mixed waste (and a rat running through to scavenge from the rotting food). There is so much that … More Kabadiwallas