Fun with composting

This week my Garbology 101 class went to our school’s estate to learn about composting. The estate’s director, Santosh, who I’ve learned so much from about farming (he runs an indigenous seed bank), indigenous cows (we have a sperm bank to help promote local species), and composting. Yesterday, he shared his wealth of knowledge with … More Fun with composting

Spot the Batteries

This week my Garbology 101 students began to learn about e-waste. We did a little exercise which asked them to colour in all the objects on the page that require batteries to operate. It was interesting to see what they missed. Most of them didn’t pay attention to what was outside the window. Not everyone noticed … More Spot the Batteries

Creative Composters

  One of my favourite Garbology lessons is this one. It asks you to take the children outdoors, to explore under rocks, rotting logs, piles of decomposing leaves. The objective? Learn how nature naturally recycles and see why it’s so crucial for us humans to work with and not against nature by recycling too. It’s … More Creative Composters

Parle G Packaging

At the end of last year, my then 4th standard Garbology students wrote to Parle G to request they rethink their packaging for their biscuits and candies. You can see a sampling of the letters here. They never received a reply, so at the end of the summer holiday I wrote to ParleG on its … More Parle G Packaging

Plastic homework

Today in Garbology class the students shared their homework assignment. They had to each bring in a piece of plastic they found in the trash. Below is the loot they brought:   For each item we discussed where it came from, why it was necessary–or if it was–and what alternatives we might be able to … More Plastic homework

Back to School

School began this week and I had my first Garbology 101 class with my 4th standard students yesterday. I realise that it is going to be quite a bit different than it was last year. In a lot of ways this is going to be a better test of whether this curriculum works. Last year … More Back to School