Halfway through my Buy Nothing Year

So I’m halfway through my Buy Nothing Year  and I’ve managed to buy relatively little other than goods for my household and food. My primary deviations include art supplies for a design class I took; the last issue of Regeneration magazine; saplings for my garden on 2 occasions; 2 bags from Blue Leaf, made by my student; and Norman Finkelstein’s latest book on Gaza for a review I wrote about it.

The hardest moments came when I took trips to Kolkata and Delhi; I limited myself to buying sweets as souvenir gifts. I chose not to limit gift buying so I did continue to purchase gifts for friends’ birthdays and such.

But now I have a new challenge: my phone is on the brink of dying. The screen has been broken 2 times (meaning it stopped reacting to my touch) and I fixed it twice already. Both times the repair cost as much as a new phone would have cost. And this is one of the main problems with planned obsolescence, something that the Story of Stuff narrates quite well:

I’ve been living without a camera on my phone for the last several months as a result of the break down, but now I’m struggling to decide if I should spend money to fix it again or if I should get a new one. I wish we had Fairphone in India – I’d feel much less reluctant about this decision.

3 thoughts on “Halfway through my Buy Nothing Year

  1. I have adopted this year as a No – Buy year too. Apart from household essentials & groceries, I have not bought anything. Certainly not the short term gratification items like clothes, bags, shoes etc. In today’s age, it is quite difficult to follow a pledge like this, what with everything around you screaming ‘buy, buy, buy’.

    I have drastically reduced my mall excursions because I find the consumerism repulsive now. I took the no – buy pledge in January but a few months later, I chanced upon & watched the documentary Minimalism. I hope, some day, I can make the ‘greed’ inside me vanish & adopt minimalism at its best. All the best to you too!

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