Delhi Trash

Last month I took my first trip to Delhi. I must say, I was surprised by the level of trash (compared to Bengaluru) on the streets. I also liked the tricycle carts used for carrying both recyclables and mixed waste to their destination. There were lots of bins around town, though all that I saw had … More Delhi Trash

A Bah Humbug Post (or ideas for a green Christmas)

Warning: this post will likely sound a bit like Scrouge to many readers. Last night I walked down to the main street in my neighbourhood and I noticed lots of shopkeepers had Christmas wares for sale: plastic Christmas trees, polyester Santa hats, and lots of unnecessary, plastic junk. I get why Christians want to carry … More A Bah Humbug Post (or ideas for a green Christmas)

Train trash

Recently I took a trip from Bengaluru to Delhi by train. It was a wonderful experience, except for all of the trash. Travelling by train, not unlike flying in an aeroplane, means producing a large quantity of trash for many reasons, especially because of all the food and drinks served and consumed along the way. … More Train trash

Cleaning & clutter

I enjoy cleaning my house. In India, this is not something that most people do themselves (there is a documentary called Lakshmi and Me that gives one a sense of this relationship). Most people hire others to clean their homes, sometimes cook their food, garden, wash their cars and any number of other daily household chores. … More Cleaning & clutter

Neighbourhood kids

A few weeks ago I was walking around my neighbourhood, running my morning errands, when I happily happened upon a group of teenagers from a school up the street from my house beautifying the area. I had been noticing that someone has hired a private driver to pick up the daily dumpings of the homes … More Neighbourhood kids

Deepavali consumption

It’s Deepavali again and once again debates are raging about whether or not one should burst crackers. The first I heard about this was at a school assembly a few years ago. One senior student focused her presentation on the problem of child labour in factories that make fireworks. But there are other arguments circulating … More Deepavali consumption