Bathroom waste

The bathroom is the one place in my house where I have the hardest time reducing waste. There are just certain things that are waste producing that I can not live without. Dental floss is one of those things. I looked online for a biodegradable version of it, but couldn’t find anything here in India. … More Bathroom waste


I’ve been quite enamoured with the company TerraCycle since I learned about them sometime in the last year in the National Geographic article where they explained how they’re making park benches out of disposed cigarette butts. After seeing the Al Jazeera Earthrise episode focusing on them, I wanted to know more about how they operate. I … More TerraCycle


A student recently asked me what we could do about all the excess plastic in our lives, especially at our school. I was at a bit of a loss because the problem seems so intractable. However I’ve been inspired by some things I’ve been reading about from my home state of California to the nearby … More #NoPlasticChallenge