Cleaning & clutter

I enjoy cleaning my house. In India, this is not something that most people do themselves (there is a documentary called Lakshmi and Me that gives one a sense of this relationship). Most people hire others to clean their homes, sometimes cook their food, garden, wash their cars and any number of other daily household chores. … More Cleaning & clutter

Back to School

School began this week and I had my first Garbology 101 class with my 4th standard students yesterday. I realise that it is going to be quite a bit different than it was last year. In a lot of ways this is going to be a better test of whether this curriculum works. Last year … More Back to School


Yesterday I had the chance to visit the Goonj collection centre in Bangalore. I went there to donate athletic shoes with studs as they refurbish them and donate them to poor children who cannot afford them. I also went to learn more about the cloth pads they make for rural women. They have a terrific … More Goonj

Campus waste

The holidays have begun and I’m now home in Bangalore. But before leaving campus, I photographed the waste left behind by the girls in my hostel. The first photograph below is of last year’s end-of-year waste. The second one is from last week. The second photograph also includes 2 cement sacks of waste from my … More Campus waste