A Bah Humbug Post (or ideas for a green Christmas)

Warning: this post will likely sound a bit like Scrouge to many readers. Last night I walked down to the main street in my neighbourhood and I noticed lots of shopkeepers had Christmas wares for sale: plastic Christmas trees, polyester Santa hats, and lots of unnecessary, plastic junk. I get why Christians want to carry … More A Bah Humbug Post (or ideas for a green Christmas)

Cleaning & clutter

I enjoy cleaning my house. In India, this is not something that most people do themselves (there is a documentary called Lakshmi and Me that gives one a sense of this relationship). Most people hire others to clean their homes, sometimes cook their food, garden, wash their cars and any number of other daily household chores. … More Cleaning & clutter

#PlasticFreeJuly day 6

Last night as a part of #PlasticFreeJuly my school screened Plastic Paradise for the senior classes (ninth through twelfth standard students). Since the film is only 58 minutes–ideal for classroom use, too–it gives educators some time to include a discussion after the film. We did attempt a discussion, but I still couldn’t gage how students felt … More #PlasticFreeJuly day 6

Bathroom waste

The bathroom is the one place in my house where I have the hardest time reducing waste. There are just certain things that are waste producing that I can not live without. Dental floss is one of those things. I looked online for a biodegradable version of it, but couldn’t find anything here in India. … More Bathroom waste


There is a new app and a new challenge for zero-waste enthusiasts: the Yerdle Unshopping Challenge. They are asking people not only to stop consuming for 30 days, but also to stop hoarding items you already own (through their app, of course) to those who may want their no longer needed items: This is a terrific … More Unshopping