Beeswax wraps

I’ve been reading about these food wraps made out of cotton and beeswax for a couple of years now and it seems they’ve finally come to India. A little honey farming outfit has started to produce them and I bought my first set yesterday at the Dastkar Nature Bazaar. (In fact, it was my only … More Beeswax wraps

Blue Leaf

I didn’t have a chance to write much about #PlasticFreeJuly, but I do want to plug one of my former students’ new endeavours to fight plastic pollution in the ocean. She is designing and making these fish-shaped bags to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the ocean and to encourage people to use these adorable … More Blue Leaf

Compostable plastics are not compostable

It was so pleasant to open The Hindu this morning and to read about the BBMP’s attempt to crackdown on so-called “compostable” bags made of so-called “bioplastics”. The article rightly points out that: The bags usually don’t get composted or even decompose Sometimes the stores are just printing “compostable” on the bag when it’s really just plastic … More Compostable plastics are not compostable


Here in India – where tea is grown aplenty all around us – it’s astonishingly difficult to find high quality, loose leaf tea, whether you’re at organic markets or supermarkets. There are all sorts of organic teas, but they are usually sold in tea bags many of which are actually made at least partially of … More Teabox

Yoga waste?

The thought of writing yoga and waste in the same sentence seems strange. But there are some problems related to basic yoga props and products one uses every day that I only started thinking about in the last few years. The first of which is the very basic yoga sticky mat that one uses to … More Yoga waste?

Earth Day 2018

For Earth Day this year I spent the afternoon at the Arts Village off MG Road doing demos, a workshop, and sharing the joy of composting with people who seemed quite engaged with the subject. The young people organising the event went for the theme of #BreakFreeFromPlastic with gusto – not allowing a single item … More Earth Day 2018

Bamboo or plastic?

This was my first purchase during my no-buy year. But I made the purchase for work, so I’m excusing myself. Sometimes we have people in the office who want that mid-day coffee break and they’ve been bringing those coffee cups back to the office. The cups are paper lined with plastic and so they’re not … More Bamboo or plastic?


Last month I attended Teri’s World Sustainable Development Summit. It was on the heels of having just finished a terrific new book – Josh Tickell’s Kiss the Ground (it’s connected to the organisation and its brilliant videos). At one point in the book he says (or someone he quotes?) something about how the world sustainability isn’t … More Sustainablity