Kiss the Ground

One of the most inspiring organisations I’ve come across in a long while is Kiss the Ground, based in my hometown of Los Angeles. They are creating fantastic short films about the wonders and necessity of composting that are terrific for raising awareness. What I love is the clarity and specificity of their arguments – not to mention their clever animation!

If you finished watching both videos, chances are you’re pretty inspired too. They’ve got lots of upcoming projects, many of which are appropriate for outside the U.S. too. Soon they’ll be publishing a book and an educational curriculum seems to be in the works as well. Their resources page has a lot of terrific films, books, and articles for those who want to dig deeper into the subject of composting, soil, and regenerative agriculture.

What’s especially interesting is their take on climate change / global warming and the connection we can all make between composting and putting that carbon back into the ground as a method of fighting against all that carbon we release into the atmosphere with our urban lifestyles. It’s a refreshing way to look at the issue and it includes a clear path of what we all can do to help: compost! That way you’re participating in a circular system and you’re adding nutrition to the soil that grows our food.

I also love how they talk about regenerative agriculture as a way of restoring the soil. This is a huge problem in India where over tilling and over use of chemical fertilisers has destroyed crops in so many parts of the country. Their video profiles of farmers who are participating in regenerative agriculture are also inspiring. So check out their website and peruse their videos. You won’t be sorry!


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