Well Being Out of Waste

A few weeks ago some people came to my door when I wasn’t home and handed my husband a flyer and a plastic bag (pictured below). This organisation – Well Being Out of Waste – claims to be working with BBMP and ITC. It asks people to use these plastic bags (not sure how one would get a new one even if one wanted one) for dry waste. They claim they’ve been successful with this programme in Hyderabad. But they merely ask you to segregate your waste into 3 containers: dry waste (for recycling), wet waste, and sanitary waste. They don’t say anything about e-waste. They don’t say anything about composting, how to recycle the recyclable goods, and they even get wrong what items can be recycled – things like shoes and multilayered plastic packs cannot be recycled, yet they are asking citizens to put them in the dry waste bag.

Worse: they are extremely confusing when they tell you what to do with this waste: “Please separate the waste as shown above and give it to pks/autos/tippers daily, pks will not collect mix waste any more”. But if it’s going to these BBMP employees all nicely segregated – especially the wet waste – they’re not telling you one important fact: BBMP is not keeping this waste nicely segregated. It’s going into the same landfill where they’ve been making a rather toxic compost out of a slew of mixed waste.


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