Plastic Ice Cream

Okay, it’s not really plastic ice cream. But what I want to share is about a Bangalore establishment – everyone’s favourite place for ice cream sundaes. It’s Corner House Ice Cream and it’s a place that’s packed on a warm summer day. And when three of my favourite people invited me for dessert there, I couldn’t refuse. I must say they did warn me about the plastic, but I still didn’t expect to see quite so much of it!


For starters, it certainly seems to me to be a place where most people eat in rather than carry out. And yet instead of using the traditional stainless steel tumblers, bowls, and spoons it’s all plastic all the time.

And I wonder why. Wouldn’t it be less expensive for them to wash the dishes and not purchase such a ridiculous amount of plastic to throw away after 1 use? Because I also have a strong suspicion that they’re not recycling it either. But of course reusing – meaning washing and using again – would be the best plan for Corner House to adopt.

Or, you could just go to my personal favourite ice cream shop, Naturals, which not only has excellent ice cream. They also have cones so there’s no need for a spoon or bowl or anything else!


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