Cleaning house? Here’s where to donate your belongings

This is just a quick post because I keep getting people who ask me about where they can donate things like furniture and clothing that other people might like to buy or use. I will say that it seems that a number of kabadiwallas with enough space collect furniture – I have one in my neighbourhood that does this. I’ve also taken care to find organisations that are not affiliated with religious organisations.

One caveat: I haven’t yet donated to any of these organisations; I have just been collecting their information on the off chance that my husband will finally decide to donate our son’s old toys (he’s a grown man now), my in-laws’ old clothes (they passed a way a couple of years ago now), and some broken furniture that can easily be repaired & res-used by someone with the time and interest in doing so.

Wishing Well (DHS Skylight Shop)


RK Foundation

Bin Bag

SADS India

Once Again


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