Thank you, Big B for promoting composting!

On 100 Foot Road in Indira Nagar is this fabulous new bus stop ad featuring Amitabh Bachchan promoting composting in Kannada. There was some buzz about this recently, and some of his Hindi commercials can be seen on Youtube (see below).

The videos are terrific because they’re reaching out to some key demographics of people and businesses that are not composting as they should be and they contribute a great deal to the landfill problem in this country: residential communities (like apartment complexes, university cafeterias (and frankly all restaurants), and wedding hall and event spaces.

While the technology and equipment he’s talking about for the Swachh Bharat campaign is great for large businesses, communities, and organisations, for slightly smaller communities the Daily Dump’s Aaga is ideal. It would be nice to see the Swachh Bharat campaign offer more options in its promotion of composting so that individuals and others can join in the fun!

Amitabh compost


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