New organic store in town

About a block away from my office in Indira Nagar is a new organic food shop. It’s called Healthy Happy Me  (or see their Facebook page which is updated more regularly) and it’s got a very swanky style and gorgeous aesthetic. Surprisingly the prices aren’t entirely outrageous for an independent organic shop. What’s especially intriguing about this shop is the range of products they’re selling that will help you to reduce waste and cut down on plastic. They’re selling menstrual cups (although I wish they’d also sell EcoFemme cloth pads as an alternative), bamboo toothbrushes, stainless steel and brass (though I wish they were copper instead) containers, and woven yoga mats. But they’re also selling those garbage bags that claim to be biodegradable, but are not. And for those who love a good loaf of homemade whole wheat bread but don’t have time to bake it themselves, this is the best option I’ve tasted in Bangalore. If only it were sourdough…


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