Neighbourhood kids

A few weeks ago I was walking around my neighbourhood, running my morning errands, when I happily happened upon a group of teenagers from a school up the street from my house beautifying the area. I had been noticing that someone has hired a private driver to pick up the daily dumpings of the homes in the area who seem to believe in the out of sight, out of mind principle. These kids want to stop that and so they’re attempting to raise awareness.

It seems that the children finished their project, although the dumping hasn’t stopped. I’m wondering if it’s possible to get these neighbours to change their habits, especially when there is no municipal support or service to aid them in this process. What is their alternative? Where shall they put their waste? At least they’ve gotten together to get the trash taken away every day, but it’s still predominantly mixed wet and dry waste and it’s still going to a landfill.


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