EcoFemme Workshop

The reason for my trip to Auroville last week was to attend a workshop at EcoFemme. The first day of the workshop was held at Pitchandikulam Forest, a gorgeous space in Auroville that does many things, including maintaining a garden full of medicinal plants and educating people about their uses. This was one of the many terrific components of the programme.

While my attraction to EcoFemme initially was the use of a menstrual pad that did not pollute the planet, what I learned about this organisation, and myself, at this workshop showed me that EcoFemme is so much more. Many of the topics of the workshop covered things relating to educating and empowering young girls to make healthy choices for their bodies and for the planet. So a great deal of what we discussed and thought about was our relationship to our bodies and to Mother Nature.

So much of what we discussed at the workshop feels quite personal, so it’s not something I can share on this blog. However, there are 3 exciting things that I will share:

♼ EcoFemme is on the verge of coming out with Eco Bebe: an eco-friendly diaper!

♼ At one pavilion where we had some of our activities there are outdoor tables made out of used solar panels.

♼ One of the other women attending this workshop has come up with a fabulous card game to teach young girls about menstrual hygiene and health. I got to play a quick round of the game and it’s a lot of fun. I can’t wait until it’s ready for educators to purchase and use!

Finally, we watched a short video by Julia Butterfly Hill entitled “Disposability Consciousness”. It’s an enlightening and empowering video to watch and share with others.


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