“It’s about learning not to buy so much stuff”.

So said a young boy in the 7th standard class who finished up Devika akka’s upcycling workshop today. I’m so happy that he–and actually many others in this class–realised that the point isn’t about upcycling and making things out of trash. The point is to get a sense of what we throw away and what we consume too much of.

They finished with a bang: an assembly that they managed to assemble in less than 24 hours and with a skit no less. The final couple of days Devika the Garbage Guru had them create something on their own, but it had to be one of the following items:

  1. a seat
  2. a hat
  3. a lampshade
  4. a bag

The other catch was that they had to design it on paper first, as they did with the shoes the past couple of days. This kept them much more focused and organised and it was a great addition to this year’s workshop.

Below are photos from the final two days as well as a couple of brief bits from today’s assembly.



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