Super segregators & waste decomposition

For the past two weeks my Garbology 101 students have been involved in a scientific experiment. Last week they filled 3 jars in their classroom: 1) pure organic waste; 2) organic waste mixed with soil; 3) organic waste mixed with water. They each received a handout that asked them to first write a hypothesis about what they believed would happen in each jar. Then periodically over the last week or so they have to observe the jars and write down what they observe. This experiment will probably take another couple of weeks, but these are photos of the first day and then the jars 1 week later (yesterday).

Then yesterday after they wrote down their latest observations, we played a game called Super Segregators. In this game, there were 7 children who were assigned the task of being a particular waste bin (e-waste, paper, plastic, glass, metal, organic). The other children pick piles of cards (this game and its cards can also be adapted to play a kind of concentration game) and then they have to physically line up behind the child with the type of bin they think they belong in. So if they pick a thali meal they go to the organic bin student or if they pick a torn chappal they have to move behind the mixed waste bin student. I think the game worked pretty well and taught most of the kids what goes where–especially the tricky stuff like tablet packets or a school rucksack or things like that.


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