My Zero Waste Year (and a half)


It’s not an eight ounce jar like those of the famous Zero Wasters, but it’s a jar where I fit all my mixed/non-recyclable waste for the past year and a half. Lauren Singer’s TED talk inspired me to try this.

In my jar you can find: toffee wrappers (the kind handed out at tollbooths and markets when they don’t have change to give you), ear buds (which I cut down on using), dry cleaner tags (the little string with a cloth number on it that they use to identify your clothes in India), dental floss, silicon sachets (the kind used in medicine jars),  electrolyte packets, biscuit and candy wrappers from student birthdays, and balloons.

There’s not much in this jar, mainly because I’ve been working hard at reducing what I buy, and when I buy something I try to make sure that there is no element of the packaging or the thing itself that cannot be reused or recycled. The main challenge I continue to have is with dental floss. If anyone knows of any alternative to it, I’d love to try it!


One thought on “My Zero Waste Year (and a half)

  1. I have just stumbled upon your blog. Thank you so so much for making this! I was really inspired by Lauren Singer but I thought it was impossible to be Zero Waste in India. Your blog has shown me different! Thanks X


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