Parle G Packaging

At the end of last year, my then 4th standard Garbology students wrote to Parle G to request they rethink their packaging for their biscuits and candies. You can see a sampling of the letters here. They never received a reply, so at the end of the summer holiday I wrote to ParleG on its Facebook page to see if I could get a response that way. While there was a brief reply, it seemed to make light of the children’s ideas. Today they finally wrote a reply. This time I typed it up and pasted it on the Facebook page again hoping they would consider what we wrote. (In class the brainstorming session was much more creative that what they ultimately put below. I heard such wonderfully out-of-the box ideas from putting biscuits in cement to using mango pits to papier mâché!)

Dear Parle G Uncle/Auntie,

We thank you for your reply to our letters, though we do wish we could have received a hand-written reply. We want you to know that we still love Parle G biscuits and candies, but we really want you to stop using multi-layered foil packaging. We think there are many things you can do instead of using multi-layered foil packaging.

♽ use just plastic–and thicker plastic–so it can be recycled

♽ use cloth packaging with an inner layer of foil

♽ use a cardboard packaging (maybe with an inner foil layer)

♽ use metal tins like Indigo airlines uses

We know you said that you fear deforestation if you shift to a paper wrapper, but why not plant new trees while cutting down old ones? That’s a much easier problem to solve than the non-biodegradable, non-recyclable material like multi-layered foil packaging!

Please consider our ideas!


The Fifth Standard Class

Rishi Valley School



One thought on “Parle G Packaging

  1. your posts make me think twice of the things I use and buy now…feel totally happy to see the letter written by your student…you are inspiring and building some responsible personalities there…I had forwarded your blog link to some of my friends earlier…will forward this link too!

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