#PlasticFreeJuly day 6

Last night as a part of #PlasticFreeJuly my school screened Plastic Paradise for the senior classes (ninth through twelfth standard students). Since the film is only 58 minutes–ideal for classroom use, too–it gives educators some time to include a discussion after the film. We did attempt a discussion, but I still couldn’t gage how students felt about it. I did hear today that one of the boy’s hostels has decided to forego biscuits for the month and buy only fruit tuck. It’s a start, I guess.

Meanwhile, I’m still trying to keep track of all the plastic I come into contact with each day. Here are the latest objects to add to the list:

♼ measuring spoons & cups

♼ hangers

♼ hair clip
♼ knife handle
♼ hot water boiler (which is actually a bit scary because it seems that bits of white plastic break off each time I boil water and escape into my tea)
♼ steamer (to inhale steam as I’ve been sick this week)
♼ bubble wrap (unfortunately, used by Uger, which sent me a package of cloth menstrual pads to try out)
♼ saran wrap (my sister-in-law used it to wrap up a cake she made)
♼ bag of jaggery (Safe Harvest, excellent brand except for its plastic packaging)
♼ plastic containers I use to store items in the kitchen, which I’m trying to phase out as I shift to glass little by little
♼ a cake tray
♼ water bags (small little water parcels, left all over the trails around the Valley that I’ve been picking up whenever I go on hikes)
♼ A2B bag  (my husband bought some snacks and forgot to tell them no plastic bag!)
♼ Sharpie pen
Prakruti Vanam bags filled with ladoos (this is the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve attempted to buy in bulk from these folks–whom I know and like quite a lot–but instead of sending us in large steel dabbas, they keep sending us in plastic packaging, which is making me not want to continue buying ladoos from them for the girls in my hostel)
♼ cutting board
♼ the elastic waist in my leggings
♼ key chains (broken ones from Chumbak)
♼ Strategi bottle
♼ screwdriver handle
♼ deoderant (Tom’s of Maine, though I also have the fabulous Common Oxen version, which is in a metal container–once I’m out of the former I’ll stick to the latter)
♼ baby bottle dropper to feed my kitten vitamins
♼ measuring scale
♼ old Boost bottles to fill with Common Oxen cleaning supplies that we buy in bulk to sell to staff at school
♼ a comb

♼ paper clips

♼ the top of my metal thermos

♼ beads on earrings


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