The downside of upcycling

Last year I wrote about my Garbology 101 class and the upcycling projects we did with Devika. We made all sorts of interesting items, many of them for the garden, but over time–especially for the garden items–because we weren’t at school and able to water during some months in the year, the plants died and it became a kind of trashy looking area. My 4th standard students made a planter out of old shoes. When I walked by it today, it became a dumping ground–including in the concrete planter where we had planted a tree!

So I took it all down today and the upcycled garbage became trash once again, which will likely find its way tot he Madanapalle dump now. These are photos of how it looked today. It makes me feel even more certain that if we are to engage in upcycling activities, we need to do it in a way that focuses on making things that we can actually reuse.


3 thoughts on “The downside of upcycling

  1. It’s a pity no one could maintain the upcycled garden, but I agree, items can be reused but at the same time, maintained. Otherwise, it becomes trash eventually 😦


  2. I agree. I see you’ve used shoes to plant the saplings, As a part of green design in college last year, the fourth years had taken apart old shoes and chappals and using old cloth they had collected, made new chappals entirely constructed by themselves. Apart from making chappals they genuinely liked, it was also a skill building exercise in stitching and the like. Quite do-able in RV 🙂
    Also, i love visiting your blog! I get introduced to so many new things.

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