Although I’m back at school in Andhra Pradesh, there is a terrific and important campaign being run by Jhatkaa, which I hope people in Bangalore will participate in! Here is from an email I received from them today:

bang is burning

We’re already beginning to receive photos from around Bangalore of garbage burning! Check out this image we just received from Indiranagar and if you think it’s outrageous, react with an “angry” emoji.

This toxic and illegal practice must come to an end. We’re building an interactive map of garbage burning incidents across the city to put a spotlight on this issue. Help fill out the map with images from your neighborhood. Here’s how you can contribute:

1) Add Jhatkaa.org on WhatsApp on this number: 7676 022 555

2) Send us a message and say hi! (to confirm that you’ve successfully added us)

3) While you’re traveling around Bangalore, keep your eyes open for burning garbage

4) When you come across burning garbage, take out your phone, take a photo, and send it to 7676 022 555 on WhatsApp.

5) Make sure you send us the location too!


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