Nagaravaridhi Naduvil Njan

Last week I was on a Dulquar Salman kick; we downloaded several of his films, which we’ve been enjoying. I was especially excited to see Njaan, which covers a piece of Kerala history I wanted to learn about, but I downloaded the wrong movie. Instead I downloaded Nagaravaridhi Naduvil Njan. We eventually downloaded Njaan and watched it (and it’s a stunning film–visually, stylistically), but we figured we might as well see the other one too. And I’m so happy I did: it’s a film about waste! Here is the trailer:

At its heart, the film features Srenivasan as a character who has a plot of land, surrounded by his family members, which he hasn’t been able to build on yet because his neighbours (most of whom are relatives) have been using his empty plot as their garbage dump. He tries various methods to get rid of it so he can build or sell and support his daughter’s education. His relatives try to thwart each attempt of disposing of the waste–he tries getting lorries to send it to the landfill, he tries burning it, but nothing works. His family keeps ruining each effort. I won’t spoil the rest, but the end clearly has a strong message about how we treat our communities, neighbours, and land–especially at the end of the film as the protagonist is transformed into a figure who educates others about waste. What a delightful surprise!


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