Plastic packaging, again

I’m back home in Bangalore and once again going to my local organic market to buy food provisions. This time, while there are brands that I see using a ridiculous amount of unnecessary plastic, there are also those that are using innovation.

My favourite is Wild Ideas, which sells its dish washing powder in a paper box (I believe it’s recycled paper, too!). There is a plastic bag inside, but it’s quite minimalist in its packaging. Even better: their hair wash powder comes in a glass jar without any packaging at all. A company I haven’t encountered before called Cape Comorian makes things like ginger candy (pure jaggery + ginger only!). The packaging for this is terrific: just braided palm leaves. No plastic. No paper. Fully biodegradable!

I’m not pleased with Nourish Organics, however. This company sells some good products with alright packaging (like flax seeds in a good sized plastic bottle that can easily be reused). But their cereal is ridiculous: it’s got a multi-layer foil package inside, a paper box on the outside, and plastic surrounding the paper box.

I just don’t see why it is that organic brands don’t pay more attention to their packaging. It seems this is the market that could and would support a zero waste mindset when it comes to packaging food and home items. The grapes pictured below are also packaged in a totally unnecessary plastic box. True, they are organic so not the same as the grapes at the fruit seller with the cart down the street. But at least the woman who sells me my fruit wraps the grapes in newspaper that I can reuse or recycle when I reach home.


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