An appeal to Parle

Some time in the last couple weeks of class, I read a couple of short stories from the Garbology curriculum to the students. One is called “Jala, The Plastic-Eating Sea Turtle” and the other is “A Place Called Away”. Although the thought had crossed my mind, I hadn’t planned on asking the students to write letters to any company about their packaging, when we discussed these stories the kids came up with the idea themselves.

First, I asked each child to make a list of of the snacks they enjoy the most–especially those we sell in the tuck shop. Then I checked to see which companies owned which products. That led me to select one company for us to write to, which they all seemed to enjoy the most: Parle. This was a good plan, I thought, because Parle is an Indian company and may be more amenable to changing their practices. Also, since Parle G biscuits already have only plastic packaging that at least made it seem more likely that they would consider doing so for the other brands.

As I browsed the Parle website, I was happy to learn that as part of its CSR Parle says it’s committed to protecting the environment:

Imagine a world that’s clean and fresh as the way we inherited it. Imagine a world full of trees, birds and animals. The fact that we have to imagine it, speaks volumes about the state of our planet.

The world is a home not just to human beings but also to a wide variety of animals and plants. All of them are dependent on each other for survival. When we take these natural resources for granted or disturb the natural harmony of things, we face consequences like global warming.

Parle’s products have been trusted by mothers and children across age groups as a nutritious snack that has helped them grow healthy and strong. It is but natural that Parle Products would like to return the favour to a generation that has helped it grow. Parle Products feels this is the best gift that we can give our kids. A cleaner, greener planet that they can treasure for generations to come.

My Green Planet is an initiative that takes definitive steps towards conserving our eco-system. Parle Products is contributing in its own way by taking up various initiatives like planting more trees around India, conserving water, power and recycling waste. My Green Planet works across levels – from school students to environmentalists to media professionals and through them educate and empower everyone about the cause of environment conservation.

We believe that we haven’t inherited the earth, but merely borrowed it from our children.

Below is a sample of the letters the children wrote. I hope they can make an impact! They’re already a bit too cynical, thinking that they will ignore their concerns.



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