A fieldtrip to a place called “Away”

For our penultimate class of the year, I took the fourth standard Garbology students to see where our trash goes when we throw it “away”. Our first stop was the scrap dealer in Madanapalle. This is one of many such places that buys your segregated waste. They further segregate it and compact it so it can be sold to people who will produce new goods with it. Most of the photographs below show the scrap dealer. The final couple of pictures are of the Madanapalle dump. It’s actually quite new and much of the rubbish is burned as you can see. We didn’t get out of the vehicle. I think the visual and olfactory elements were enough for the children to get the idea. Plus we saw a goatherd with his goats munching on waste, likely plastics, and we all know what kind of damage that can do after a year of this course. I think the trip left a strong impression on the children, one that I hope will enable them to really think what it means to throw an object into a dustbin in the future.


One thought on “A fieldtrip to a place called “Away”

  1. Such a great idea! I visited a landfill as part of a class once and it’s almost horrifying. When we throw stuff “away” it still has to go somewhere.


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