Once Upon a Super Cow…

Today in class we did one of the Garbology activities that involved writing a story. It’s still a bit in process, but I’ll share below what it is the children came up with. Essentially they looked at the images below and they had to select one cow that they would tell a story about. They chose the super hero look-a-like who wears a badge saying “super conscious cow”.


Once upon a time there was a super cow. Her name was Mooie. She lives in a diary made out of recycled plastic and newspaper. It doesn’t rain water where she lives so her newspaper house doesn’t get wet. It only rains chocolate drops, which she loves to eat.

Mooie flies all around the world to punish humans who buy too much stuff–especially plastic stuff. Sometimes she even puts them in the cow dung jail to teach them a lesson!

She pretends to be a normal and sensitive cow, but when she sees plastic she turns into a super cow! The toxins in the plastic help her to eat that plastic and in her stomach she can turn those toxins into a magical, organic biofuel which gives her the power to fly!

Mooie also has special brainwaves that help her to pass on her awareness about the danger of littering and plastics so people can change their habits. In this way, she’s like the magical Devika who teaches children how to take trash and make it into beautiful new objects that we can use once again. So on birthdays she makes flowers out of newspapers and hands them out to her friends and neighbours.

Mooie’s magical powers are controlled by a meter in her stomach that detects if she eats too much plastic, which can make her magical powers decrease so she will have to eat very less because she doesn’t want to get sick and die. That’s why humans need to learn to stop using so much plastic!

Mooie’s many calves are trained from birth when they drink their mother’s milk, which sends them the knowledge and magical know how to help their mother to fight plastic and waste. As Mooie gets older she gets new magical powers, too. Her hooves turn whatever she walks onto into art and flowers just like Devika akka.

The End

PS For those who may not know this, Indian cows who roam the cities scavenging for food actually have quite a problem with plastic in their stomachs. This plastic and its toxins are being transferred into the dairy products we consume (and for those who are not vegetarians even the beef). Watch the film below to learn more about this problem.



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