Launching the Aurobins

Yesterday we finally launched our new waste segregation system at school. The team at Wasteless helped to design it for us. The key element that we are testing with this pilot programme (we only set it up in two locations for now) is the monkey proof latch. We’re hoping it keeps them from any mischief making with the trash. Too, if people begin to segregate wet and dry waste we shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

Unfortunately, a few hours after they were put in place I checked inside and noticed some pretty unfortunate things. A banana peel in the mixed waste bin, paper in the plastic bin, and mix waste of all sorts in the glass and metal bin. We are going to try to paint a list on each bin of what goes in which bin in Telugu and English tomorrow to help people remember what goes where.

I am happy to say that during the assembly that we did with the junior school on Saturday morning, my fourth standard Garbology students rocked the house when we asked questions about what goes where. Only the 4thies knew the answers to all the questions! So this Garbology curriculum really works–especially if you keep reinforcing it.

There was also good news about how we deal with waste on treks this weekend. Instead of having our parantha and subzi wrapped in leaves and newspaper, each person brought their own dabba and the dining hall filled it with their lunch. That way we didn’t leave anything other than some fruit peels behind on our hike.

We’re ordering the fabulous card game “Pick it Up” (based on Go Fish) for each hostel so they can learn the correct segregation. It’s a terrific way for adults and children to learn about what belongs where. I’ve learned so much from this card game already. It’s only ₹449 and you can order it online at the Auroville site.


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