From Trash to Trees!

Over the past few months I’ve been working on raising awareness about the importance of composting and making sure one does not mix wet (organic) with dry (plastic, glass, metal, paper) waste. I’m still having trouble helping adults to understand the necessity of this, but the children seem to be very much on board.

Last week my garbology students and I went around to the problem compost pits so they could explain what was the problem with them. For homework, in small groups, they had to go around to the homes of the people living in the vicinity of each pit and help them understand how to compost properly.

For the junior school documentary, I screened Dirt!: The Movie, which illustrates beautifully (especially through its animation) how important it is for us to treat our soil well. It seems to be available as a full-length movie on Youtube so you can watch it here:

This week field work students worked on emptying small cement receptacles, which to me have always looked more like flower pots, to replace the mixed-waste trash cans with plants. We also finally had a chance to fill the large former mixed-waste pits with some lovely jamun saplings. Here are some photographs showing how much nicer it looks when you replace trash with trees.

IMG_20150906_160318 IMG_20150906_161117 IMG_20150906_165505 IMG_20150906_165849 IMG_20150907_165455 IMG_20150907_165847 IMG_20150907_170219 IMG_20150907_171142 IMG_20150907_173656 IMG_20150908_164430 IMG_20150908_164439 IMG_20150908_165332 IMG_20150908_165626 IMG_20150908_165852 IMG_20150908_172042 IMG_20150908_172512 IMG_20150908_172744 IMG_20150909_162655 IMG_20150909_164332 IMG_20150909_165952 IMG_20150909_170617 IMG_20150909_170825 IMG_20150909_171223 IMG_20150909_173256


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