This is a bit of a break from my garbology musings to share some interesting developments in Lebanon related to garbage! Moe Ali Nayel explains how this nationwide protest against the government for not collecting trash has evolved into a massive protest against corruption more generally. There’s also a great overview on the Masha’allah website. And here is a snippet of a video, featuring my former student Tamara Qiblawi, that offers a brief overview:

If you’ve spent any time in Lebanon and know anything about Sukleen–the company that the government hired to privatise its waste collection–you’d know this was a long time coming. A few years ago Denise Maroney produced a theatrical production that toured up and down Lebanon’s coast called “10453: A Story about Life in 1km2 of Trash”.

Of course the garbage is, as Tamara says, just the straw that broke the camel’s back. But it’s still interesting that waste has become the symbol around which this movement is emerging.


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