Conscious Consumption & Composting

The last two sessions of my garbology class focused on what we consume so we can be more conscious of it. I asked the children to keep a log for one week to see what kinds of things they eat or use in order to track what kind of waste they create.


Some of the kids already got the hang of what we’re doing in culture class and didn’t only write what they ate–they also indicated where they put it when they finished, which I hadn’t even asked them to do.


They realised that the apples and mangoes that they were eating needed to go into the compost pit or which bin their biscuit wrappers needed to be in. Some even identified those wrappers properly as multi-layered foil packaging!


This week we went to the school dairy / estate where to see the new Aurobins designed for our new waste segregation plan (replete with monkey latches!). We happened upon the estate manager, Santosh, who gave us a tour of the composting facilities. He talked about the process of decomposition and showed them how we use the cow dung to help with the microbes in the soil. Then we all got a chance to feel the heat deep inside the compost pit as well as jump in the new pit not yet filled with organic waste.



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